Management Team

Freddie James Stephens
Executive Chairman (CEO)

Engr. Freddie James Stephens, is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Steric Oil and Gas Engineering Company. Engr. Freddie James Stephens obtained his training to become a skilled driller in the oil and gas sector in United Kingdom, and worked with several oil & gas firms for the past 19 years as an oil driller. In 1991, he joined the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) where he obtained his license as an Independent Drilling Contractor (IDC) which gives him mandate to operate as an oil and gas engineering company. His areas of expertise in the oil field service sector includes: re manufacturing, sales, service, operation of drilling equipment and drilling rigs both onshore and offshore.

Engr. Freddie James Stephens began Advanced Rig & Equipment in 1999 for the purpose of re manufacturing equipment for the drilling industry. Working with worldwide suppliers, drilling contractors and operators, Advanced Rig’s equipment is used on drilling rigs around the globe. Advanced Rig & Equipment’s client base includes National Oil well, Cendrill Supply of Australia, Escravos & Payne Drilling, Nabors Drilling, GreyWolf Drilling, Unit Drilling, Patterson Drilling, Parker Drilling, Shengli Petroleum, Sedco Forex, Pride International, Egyptian Drilling, Chesapeake Energy, and Strata Drilling. Advanced Rig & Equipment has completed and deployed rigs ranging in size from a 900hp portable operating on the African and European continent to a 1500hp state-of-the-art diesel electric rig that is currently operating in the North Sea United Kingdom.

Engr. Freddie James Stephens outstanding efforts has taking the company to higher standards, setting himself as a role model to build competency amongst his employees. Utilizing his experiences with international markets, he will continue to add additional rigs to Steric Oil and Gas Engineering Company fleet. Engr. Freddie James Stephens 19 years of experience has enabled him to accumulate a unique insight into every phase of development and deployment of drilling rigs and drilling related components.